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Biomarker Explorers

These visualization tool produced by allows users to find biomarkers linked to various cancer types, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Easily arrange data based on the total number of relevant publications.

FAQ for Visualization Tools

1. What is the primary focus of the visualization tool at

This tool is dedicated to biomarker discovery, enabling users to explore and observe biomarkers linked to various neurological diseases, thereby advancing their research in this crucial area.

2. How can I analyze data on biomarkers?

Users can efficiently organize data based on the total number of publications about a specific biomarker, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of its research landscape.

3. What does the Publication Growth Coefficient indicate?

This coefficient indicates the annual change in publication count, which helps researchers understand the evolving significance of a biomarker.

4. Is it possible to filter biomarkers in this tool?

Absolutely, the tool allows for filtering of biomarkers either by the number of publications or their publication growth coefficient, enhancing the process of biomarker discovery.

5. How do I access citation counts for a biomarker and disease pair?

Selecting a biomarker gives users access to its total citation count related to a specific disease type, over the past 10 years, a crucial step in biomarker discovery.

6. How can I find specific publications related to a biomarker?

By opting for ‘Pubmed Publications,’ researchers can delve into publications specific to a biomarker for a selected year, aiding in their biomarker discovery journey.

7. What is unique about the 'Popular Reagents' feature?

This feature is key for biomarker discovery, as it links users directly to relevant products on the marketplace, focusing on biomarker reagents.

8. How does support researchers in biomarker selection? streamlines biomarker discovery by providing easy access to a vast network of over 800 global biomarker product and service providers and a comprehensive catalog of antibodies and reagents, tailored for biomarker research.

FAQ for Visualization Tools

1. How do I create an account with and access the exclusive discounts?

Creating an account with is simple and free. You can quickly set up a new account by clicking here. Once your account is active, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and savings from over 50 leading suppliers. Just log in to start exploring our extensive range of over 22 million products.

2. What are the benefits of being a supplier?

As a registered supplier, integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. This means you can easily access our offerings without changing your current workflow. Our goal is to save researchers money by offering cost-effective, high-quality solutions, enhancing your research journey with significant savings.

3. Can I schedule a demonstration of the platform to better understand its features and offerings?

Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of our platform. To schedule a meeting, please click here. This will allow you to get a personalized walk-through of our platform, learn how to navigate our extensive product range, and discover how to maximize the benefits of our exclusive deals and discounts.

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