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SCIENTIST.com_Logo_RGB_600x100 (2).png’s VERIF.i® program provides on-site pre-assessments designed to save you time, money and resources by allowing prospective and existing customers to proactively evaluate your organization to reduce risk and enable you to demonstrate capabilities that differentiate you within the market. Lab audits through the VERIF.i® program are performed by independent, third-party specialists with subject matter specific standardized checklists to confirm that a supplier’s facilities, processes and systems meet a customer’s research and regulatory requirements.

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Feel Confident in Your Sourcing Decisions with VERIF.i®

VERIF.i® is an on-site pre-assessments program designed to save you time, money and resources by allowing you to proactively evaluate CROs to reduce risk and ensure visibility.

Utilizing VERIF.i® pre-assessments streamlines your sourcing process, as you can immediately assess CROs with existing centralized reports, or request 3rd party pre-assessments from additional suppliers.

CMC inquiries

Top CMC suppliers are available to provide services including

Drug Substance and Drug Product Characterization and Manufacturing

Raw Materials

Analytical Development and Validation

And many more!

COMPLi®: Compliance in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls

Built in collaboration with top 25 pharmaceutical companies and CROs, COMPLi® is the first-of-its-kind compliance framework which minimizes risk through a comprehensive due diligence process. 

We have expanded our award-winning COMPLi solution to support sourcing of CMC services. As part of this expansion, we have made a Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls RFI available to suppliers and clients, enabling clients to proactively assess suppliers based on a range of key areas including policies, procedures, training, data etc.


Search, compare, and purchase from hundreds of trusted suppliers, including: 

Frederik Deroose, CMC Category Expert
Frederik Deroose, PhD Chemistry Category Expert

With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and 26 years of industry experience, Frederik is available to aid researchers in their outsourcing of Discovery Chemistry and CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) research

Contact Frederik today with any questions on how you can access hundreds of CMC suppliers and take advantage of's complete R&D solution
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