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CELLTREAT's High-Quality Lab Supplies Now Available on is proud to announce that we are partnering with CELLTREAT, a leading provider of high-quality lab supplies and consumables, to offer their products on our recently launched Lab Supplies Marketplace. This partnership will allow scientists and researchers to easily access CELLTREAT's products, including their popular Wobble-not Serological Pipets, through our user-friendly and convenient platform.

At, we are committed to accelerating scientific discovery by providing researchers with access to the tools and services they need to advance their research. Launched in 2023, the Lab Supplies Marketplace offers a wide range of lab supplies and consumables, including reagents, compounds, buffers, media, chemicals, antibodies, ELISA kits, and more. With over 800 brands to choose from, our Product Marketplace offers a one-stop-shop for all your lab supply needs.

Our Lab Supplies Marketplace prioritizes our commitment to quality and safety. We check for regulated compounds to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality products. Users can chat with our team through our always-active live chat which allows them to get quick answers to any questions they may have.

With the addition of CELLTREAT's products to our Lab Supplies Marketplace, customers can not only find their consumables, but also their innovative products as well. One unique product found on is the Wobble-not Serological Pipets. These pipets feature a unique design that has a 2-tier step design at the plug which allows for less insertion force, increased stability and reduced dripping, making them a compelling choice for many researchers. Check out a demo below!

How it works

The Wobble-not Serological Pipets are made of polystyrene materials, leading to a durable and lightweight design that lowers the risk of breakage. This reduces the chance of contamination and ensures that researchers can have confidence in the accuracy and precision of their measurements.

To celebrate the launch of CELLTREAT on our Product Marketplace, we are offering an ongoing promotion where customers can receive a free case of CELLTREAT's 10mL Wobble-not Serological Pipets. This includes a sample pack with additional sizes, ranging from 5 to 100mL. This promotion gives researchers a chance to try out CELLTREAT's innovative pipets and experience the quality of these products themselves.

All wobble nots

CELLTREAT's Wobble-not Serological Pipets are just one of the many products available on our Product Marketplace. By partnering with leading providers of lab supplies and consumables, we are able to offer even more cutting-edge products in the industry.

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