top of page’s VERIF.i® program provides on-site pre-assessments designed to save you time, money and resources by allowing prospective and existing customers to proactively evaluate your organization to reduce risk and enable you to demonstrate capabilities that differentiate you within the market. Lab audits through the VERIF.i® program are performed by independent, third-party specialists with subject matter specific standardized checklists to confirm that a supplier’s facilities, processes and systems meet a customer’s research and regulatory requirements.

Do you have a friend, customer or colleague who would benefit from using If so, take part in our Referral Program and earn reward of up to $500! We know that many of our users share our goal of curing all human diseases by 2050. By recommending to your network you could help save time and resources on their next big discovery!


Once a qualifying referral places their first order, you will be rewarded with a cash reward of either $100 or $500. The more people you refer, the more you can earn!

Here's how it works:

  1. Submit the contact information of the person you'd like to refer to using our referral form.

  2. Upon receipt, our team will review your submission to ensure the referred individual has not ordered research services or products through before and is therefore eligible for this program.

  3. Once this is confirmed, we can send you or them an email directly to notify you, please choose between the options below. For a new user at an existing organization you will each get $100 and for an individual from a new organization you will each get $500.

  4. After they order at least $2,000 through the platform within 6 months from the referral, you can choose how you want to receive your referral bonus. 


Think of the Referral Program as our way of saying, "Thank You" for growing the platform and helping us to reach more people who could benefit from faster science.

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