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Antibody Validation understands that antibody validation is essential for reliable research outcomes. That's why global researchers can find suppliers that deliver comprehensive validation studies, including specificity, cross-reactivity and application suitability through their marketplace.

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Ten FAQs With Bio-Rad


In this blog post, Bio-Rad answers ten frequently asked questions about their most popular service offering on the platform. Bio-Rad services are available to global researchers through their marketplace.

Antibody Discovery Platforms to Support Functional Monoclonal Antibody Generation


In this webinar, Dr. Jiahui Yang provides an overview of antibody discovery platforms and discusses how single B cell sorting can be used to generate functional monoclonal antibodies for a range of applications including disease diagnosis and therapeutics.

How Transformative Antibody Technology Can Improve Your Bioanalytical Assays


In this webinar, Dr. Paul Royle from Bio-Rad’s antibody division discusses recombinant antibody generation, guided selection strategies, SpyTag technology, and TrailBlazer antibodies to combat common bioanalytical assay development challenges.

Antibody Screening and Discovery


Dr. Amy Sheng from Sino Biological answers questions from a recent webinar where she provides an overview of antibody screening platforms and presents applications and case studies using the Beacon® platform for antibody discovery.

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