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Explore comprehensive CRISPR service offerings from top providers already available to you through your marketplace, where rigorous quality control and ethical research are a key focus. From creating precise genetic modifications to exploring therapeutic gene editing potentials, connect with global experts immediately on

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Innovation in CRISPR Services

CRISPR in the Clinic: Synthego’s Regulatory Experts Discuss Development of Cell and Gene Therapies


Discover insights about what regulatory experts do, why the clinical development of CRISPR therapy products is so difficult and time-consuming, issues with preparing regulatory documentation and interacting with the FDA and other ways that Synthego can accelerate the path from bench to clinic.

Leveraging Programmable CRISPR-Associated Transposases for Next-Generation Genome Engineering


Dr. Sam Sternberg discusses a novel CRISPR-Cas9 system using programmable, RNA-guided transposase, and highlights its implications for kilobase-scale genome engineering in cell and gene therapies.

How to Create CRISPR-Edited T Cells More Efficiently for Tomorrow’s Cell Therapies


Review the Q&A Report from a recent webinar sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies. Explore future gene-editing trends, CRISPR challenges, and solutions with experts from Artisan Bio and STEMCELL Technologies.

Advancing Disease Modeling for Drug Discovery by Modulating iPSCs with CRISPR and Neuronal Differentiation


Explore applications of CRISPR and iPSCs in disease modeling and drug discovery in this recorded webinar with Synthego and BrainXell.

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