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Custom Synthesis

Navigate the landscape of chemical synthesis with a range of synthesis service providers.'s comprehensive directory supports the synthesis of novel scaffolds, optimization of lead compounds and scale-up of complex chemical entities, all while maintaining stringent adherence to analytical validation and process control. Whether for pharmaceutical development, material science or any other field requiring meticulous molecular design, utilize your marketplace to access leading providers and innovations.

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Bellen Chemistry Further Validates its R&D Facilities by Participating in VERIF.i®,’s Supplier Pre-assessment Program


Chinese CRO/CDMO specializing in chemical synthesis and chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) services successfully completes manufacturing site inspection

Optimize the Value of Your Research Investment: Outsourcing Molecule Design


In this webinar, Martin Slater, PhD of Cresset Discovery shares how computational chemistry can drive molecular discovery, the benefits of outsourcing these tasks, and case studies for how outsourcing molecular modeling has delivered value.

5 Things to Know About mRNA Capping for Next-Generation Vaccines and Therapies


Read this Tech Snapshot written by TriLink BioTechnologies, a global leader in nucleic acid and mRNA solutions. TriLink delivers unrivaled chemical and biological experience, CDMO services and high-quality readymade and custom materials, including its patented CleanCap® mRNA capping technology.

Martin Slater on Challenges in Molecule Design


Don't have time for the full webinar? Tune into the Q&A as Dr. Martin Slater from Cresset Discovery discusses common challenges in molecule design and how they can be overcome with computational chemistry methods.

Support your own innovation with our extensive catalog of antibodies, proteins, assays and other reagents, all available with exclusive pricing and trial/sample sizes

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