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Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting

Therapeutic Areas

Amaris Consulting has an in-house team of ML/ NLP/ LLM specialists who regularly provide research-focused consulting services related to the development of predictive algorithms, NLP analyses of unstructured data, data science, and more. Work with Amaris Consulting to fine tune LLMs and create RAG systems to optimise LLM experiences. Utilise Amaris Consulting's internal ML-powered tools which help review studies and retrieve insights efficiently.

AI-Enabled Services:

  • Research services that use machine learning (ML) algorithms

  • Research services that use large language models (LLM)

  • Research services that use natural language processing (NLP)

  • Data services that use ML, LLMs or NLP

Utilize Amaris Consulting AI technologies in the following spaces:

  • Data, including data transfer, analysis and storage

    • This includes analysis of clinical data in the context of RCTs and RWE studies

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