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Deep LS GmbH

Deep LS GmbH

Therapeutic Areas

Deep LS GmbH is prepared to assist your research at the target discovery, lead discovery, lead optimization and generative de novo design stages of your pipeline. Explore Deep LS GmbH AI-enabled services below.

AI-Enabled Services:

  • Research services that use machine learning (ML) algorithms

  • Research services that use large language models (LLM)

  • Data services that use ML, LLMs or NLP

  • Latent diffusion

For more information on how Deep LS GmbH is using AI technology, please explore the link below.

Utilize Deep LS GmbH AI technologies in the following spaces:

  • Biology, including target discovery, imaging and HTS

  • Chemistry, including analytical chemistry, manufacturing and medicinal chemistry

  • Drug Metabolism, including pharmacokinetics and ADME

  • Pharmacology, including in vitro and in vivo disease models

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