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ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

Therapeutic Areas

IPA's model uniquely combines the strengths of Large Language Models (LLMs) through an advanced stacking technique with BioStrand's (subsidiary of IPA) patented HYFT Technology. The HYFT technology's ability to pinpoint unique 'fingerprints' in biological sequences enables the stacked LLMs to apply their vast knowledge base with greater specificity, leading to more accurate predictions and insights.

AI-Enabled Services:

  • Research services that use machine learning (ML) algorithms

  • Research services that use large language models (LLM)

  • Research services that use natural language processing (NLP)

  • Data services that use ML, LLMs or NLP

  • Proprietary HYFT technology (learn more here)

Learn more about ImmunoPrecise Antibodies' AI technology at

Utilize ImmunoPrecise Antibodies AI technologies in the following spaces:

  • Biology, including target discovery, imaging and HTS

  • Data, including data transfer, analysis and storage

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