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Private AI

Private AI

Therapeutic Areas

In today's healthcare landscape Pharmaceutical organizations and CROs face a significant challenge: their most valuable data is also their most vulnerable data.

Massive volumes of data are gathered and disseminated across the entire lifecycle of a clinical trial. The proper management of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) are therefore critical to maintaining trust and regulatory compliance. At the same time, data privacy costs continue to escalate.

Pharma/CROs find themselves in a precarious situation, facing the dilemma of either investing heavily to ensure data privacy and compliance or opting to reduce access. Limiting access not only reduces the ability to derive actionable insights but also hinders innovation and growth.

How can Private AI help?

Private AI helps Pharma/CROs increase the protection, compliance, and utility of their data. Private AI provides organizations with an intuitive, scalable, high-performance API that seamlessly fits existing architectures, enabling them to deliver privacy-preserving, HIPAA compliant products quickly. Industry-leading technology identifies, removes, and replaces PHI and PII from a broad range of data types including text, files, DICOM, audio, images, and LLMs in over 50 languages and with market leading accuracy. By using Private AI’s technology, healthcare organizations can reduce their compliance risks, differentiate based on trust, and safely unlock the value of their data. Private AI focuses on making data privacy as easy as using an API, so that Pharma/CROs can innovate with confidence knowing that privacy is at the forefront of everything they do.

AI-Enabled Services:

  • Research services that use machine learning (ML) algorithms

  • Research services that use large language models (LLM)

  • Research services that use natural language processing (NLP)

  • Data services that use ML, LLMs or NLP

  • Data (PHI,PII) redaction services using context aware AI/ML

Utilize Private AI's AI technologies in the following spaces:

  • Biology, including target discovery, imaging and HTS

  • Data, including data transfer, analysis and storage

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