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Sigla Sciences

Sigla Sciences

Therapeutic Areas

Sigla Sciences specializes in AI benchmarking, strategy, and roadmaps for manufacturers in their commercial and medical organizations so that they can invest wisely in tools that will advance their business objectives and avoid hype. The company's focus has been on commercial and medical organizations, 12-24 months prior to launch through post-launch, and including market access.

AI-Enabled Services:

  • Research services that use machine learning (ML) algorithms

  • Research services that use large language models (LLM)

  • Research services that use natural language processing (NLP)

  • Data services that use ML, LLMs or NLP

  • AI benchmarking, strategy and roadmaps

Utilize Sigla Sciences AI technologies in the following spaces:

  • Data, including data transfer, analysis and storage

  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

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