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In Vitro Assays

From cell cycle/migration assays, to target characterization and assay development, the use of in vitro assay techniques is critical across all stages of the research and development pipeline across multiple disciplines. Use's broad assay supplier base to find the right assay and service partner for your research.

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Empowering Drug Screening With Cancer Organoids - a Transformative Case Study


Learn more about Crown Bioscience as they emphasize the importance of using patient-relevant tumor organoids for high throughput drug screening in cancer research.

How to Better Predict Potential Drug Interactions Early in the Discovery Process


Learn about the various drug screening and gene expression assays that are available for identifying potential DDI in vitro, and how adding in vitro assays to your workflow to prioritize drug candidates can save time and money lost from pursuing candidates that may fail in animal or clinical trials.

Analyzing the Suppressive TME in in Vitro Based Assays


Experts describe how the tumor microenvironment modulates clinical responses and how patient-derived ex vivo and engineered in vitro models can be used for pre-clinical immuno-oncology testing.

Save Time and Money When Prioritizing Drug Candidates: Using Cell-Based Reporter Assays for Nuclear Receptor Profiling


Discover how nuclear receptor profiling can help identify potential drug candidates with desirable pharmacological properties, and much more in this webinar with INDIGO Biosciences.

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