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Protein Production

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Recombinant Antibody Production: Current Methods and a Novel Antibody Generation Platform


Tune in as Yuning Chen, PhD from Sino Biological provides an introduction to antibodies, discusses strategies for recombinant antibody expression, and highlights a novel antibody expression platform that facilitates antibody library generation.

Enhancing Gene Delivery With Novel Miniaturized Plasmids: miniVec


Learn more about how VectorBuilder’s team recently developed miniVecTM, a novel antibiotic-free and supplement-free miniaturized plasmid, to allow drug developers to enhance the safety, efficacy and manufacturability of their therapeutic plasmids for genetic medicines.

All Recombinant Proteins Are Not the Same: From Antigens to Avi-tags


Follow along as the Bio-Techne team shares their vast industry expertise in a webinar focusing on recombinant protein selection, customization and application.

Supplier Spotlight: BPS Bioscience


This Supplier Spotlight® highlights BPS Bioscience, a biotechnology development and manufacturing company focused on innovating proteins, antibodies, cell lines, lentiviruses and assay kits for biopharmaceutical and academic research.

Support your own innovation with our extensive catalog of antibodies, proteins, assays and other reagents, all available with exclusive pricing and trial/sample sizes

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