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Oncology Models

Experience the power of a comprehensive directory of oncology models at Utilize cutting-edge tools including our proprietary Tumor Model Finder and the innovations of leading global suppliers to support your critical research with informed choices.

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Innovation in Oncology Research

Tumor Model Finder


Utilize our proprietary oncology model selection platform to search, compare and source 10,000+ xenografts, organoids, cell lines and more for your drug discovery projects. Filter models based on drug response, mutation and more, and compare multiple models with several comparison tools.

Assessing Antigen-Specific T-Cell Functionality with Dendritic Cell/CD8⁺ T Cell Co-culture


In this webinar, Dr. Catherine Ewen from STEMCELL Technologies describes how to set up DC and CD8⁺ T cell co-culture experiments that generate antigen-specific CD8⁺ T cells, and how to assess CD8⁺ T cell proliferation, functionality and killing activity.

How Organoids Can Take Your Drug Candidates Further


Learn more about the use of organoids in drug discovery in this blog written in partnership with STEMCELL Technologies, who provide cell isolation products, specialized cell culture media, primary cells, and supporting reagents for use in life sciences research across the basic to translational research continuum.

A Ready-to-Analyze High-Plex Spatial Signature Development Workflow for Cancer Immunotherapy


Tune in as representatives from Akoya Biosciences and OracleBio present a new workflow for analyzing multiplex immunofluorescence images.

Support your own innovation with our extensive catalog of antibodies, proteins, assays and other reagents, all available with exclusive pricing and trial/sample sizes

Top Oncology Model Suppliers

Source oncology models from the world's leading providers

Search, Compare and Source 10,000+ Oncology Models on's Tumor Model Finder

20+ Trusted Global Suppliers | 17 Cancer Types | 30+ Feature Annotations per Model

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