top of page’s VERIF.i® program provides on-site pre-assessments designed to save you time, money and resources by allowing prospective and existing customers to proactively evaluate your organization to reduce risk and enable you to demonstrate capabilities that differentiate you within the market. Lab audits through the VERIF.i® program are performed by independent, third-party specialists with subject matter specific standardized checklists to confirm that a supplier’s facilities, processes and systems meet a customer’s research and regulatory requirements.
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A global solution for supplier pre-assessments in the sourcing of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

How VERIF.i supports CMC suppliers

Pre-assessments designed to ensure compliance with molecule production regulations

Improve Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to quality and compliance to build credibility and differentiate your organization

Increase Visibility

Showcase your capabilities and advantages to potential clients to increase business opportunities

Improve Quality Control

Identify improvement areas and avoid potential risk of legal and financial penalties

Align with Industry

Understand the specific requirements and expectations of clients, and better meet those needs

Enhance Quality

Ensure practices comply with regulations while getting ahead of market competitiveness

Want to learn more about how's VERIF.i program helps global suppliers of CMC services? 

Standardized physical lab inspections

Facility, personnel and processes evaluation

VERIF.i® is an on-site pre-assessments program designed to save researchers and suppliers time, money and resources by allowing prospective and existing customers to proactively evaluate a supplier's organization to reduce risk and enable them to demonstrate capabilities that differentiate their organization within the market.


For suppliers, VERIF.i pre-assessments demonstrate organizational quality and capabilities, enabling market differentiation based on factors potential clients care about most.


For researchers, VERIF.i pre-assessments aid in supplier selection in an accelerated manner with more confidence and less risk.


Are you a researcher curious for more information on how's VERIF.i program can benefit your organization? Download our report, "How VERIF.i Offers Biopharma Researchers a Solution for On-site Supplier Pre-Assessments Both During and After the Pandemic."

VERIF.i by the numbers

For signed suppliers of HBS, CMC and animal studies, VERIF.i promotes:


Increase in client exposure


Increase in number of requests


Increase in number of POs & spend

VERIF.i® in the press's suite of compliance offerings attracts global attention

Untitled design (38).png Expands VERIF.i®, its Supplier Pre-assessment Program, to Cover Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)


Discovery Life Sciences™ Further Validates Quality of its Biospecimen Solutions by Participating in VERIF.i®,’s Supplier Pre-assessment Program


Boca Biolistics is the First CRO to Participate in VERIF.i®,’s New Supplier
Pre-assessment Program Expands Award-Winning COMPLi® Platform to include VERIF.i®, a Supplier Pre-assessment Program

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