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Sourcing Human Biological Samples for Research:
Recent Trends and Best Practices

Access exclusive insights from leading pharmaceutical companies, researchers and sample providers on the current landscape of sourcing human biological samples (HBS) for research and unlock trends and observations from the world's largest platform for the sourcing of HBS,

Topics this report addresses:
  • A standard definition of human biological samples

  • The scientific research areas utilizing human biological samples for novel research

  • Risks and considerations necessary to address when working with human biological samples

  • Market trends in the acquisition of human biological samples

  • How can assist research organizations and providers, including biobanks, enact a better human biological samples sourcing process

PLUS! Survey results from 30+ leading biopharma industry members and exclusive sourcing trends straight from's marketplace.

Trusted Partners and Providers of Human Biological Samples on

About the Marketplace is the world's largest marketplace for outsourced research products and services, including regulated services involving human samples. We are proud to offer a bespoke solution for HBS acquisition which is trusted by thousands of global researchers and 300+ sample providers, and has facilitated the sourcing of 10M+ samples for research.

Please download our report to learn more about our solution for HBS acquisition and to discover the power of our COMPLi® framework, a comprehensive and proprietary due diligence process conducted on all providers of regulated services and materials.

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